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Whistler resort living: More than just a tourist attraction

The resort municipality of Whistler truly has it all when it comes to bringing together a city lifestyle and outdoor living. Every year, this area attracts thousands of tourists eager to take to ski slopes in the area or hit mountain biking trails during the summer.

However, Whistler is more than just a seasonal hub of activity. Serious investors who are considering buying luxury property in this lush, vibrant area can look forward to an abundance of benefits, ranging from that outdoors lifestyle that not many urban areas offer, to a quality of life rooted in a community with a welcoming atmosphere.

Also, the Whistler property market has proved itself to be competitive, with average sale prices for family homes growing from $3,264,947 in 2020 to $3,495,481 in 2021.

In today’s blog, we will be looking at some of the big perks that Whistler resort living offers to property investors – and why buying property in this area can be one of the most important lifestyle changes that you can make.

First, let’s take a look at one of Whistler’s key characteristics: the incredible mountain views and opportunities to explore some of the finest outdoor attractions that nature has to offer.

A mountain lifestyle to enjoy in the proximity of the city

One thing that is true about Whistler, is that this area is not just meant to be enjoyed by visitors alone. In fact, those who love living and thriving in this municipality enjoy every comfort of a hospitable community with a modern approach. For many residents, the allure of Whistler rests in the opportunity to get that urban lifestyle they crave, with shopping and entertainment spots, while still having access to the outdoors to enjoy popular skiing spots or mountain bike tracks, as well as fishing and hiking.

Forming part of the famous Sea-to-Sky Corridor, it is beautifully connected to its surrounding towns and areas, allowing those who have taken root in Whistler to enjoy the best that British Columba has to offer.

A bustling location for popular annual events

Whistler has a steady festival circuit that has seen events such as the Whistler Village Beer Festival and the Crankworx mountain biking event raise its profile even further – along with being host to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. To add to especially these sporting events, Whistler regularly hosts IronMan events as well as triathlons, marathons and more – making it a clear winner when it comes to providing events for fitness enthusiasts.

A wide variety of investment options

For some buyers, settling in Whistler full-time is the ideal scenario: this is where they would like to raise their children, further their careers or simply move to make a healthier, more active lifestyle choice.

For other buyers, Whistler is ideal as an option to purchase an investment property that can be rented or semi-occupied as needed throughout the year.

This flexibility to purchase property according to your goals makes it a prime opportunity to grow your investment portfolio or even earn passive income when you choose to go the route of renting.

A return on investment that you will never regret making

The outlook for Whistler’s property market looks set to remain strong in 2022. Whether you are considering prime locations as vacation rentals to attract tourists, want to invest in luxury properties or condos, or if you want to settle into the area with your loved ones, you cannot go wrong with expanding your portfolio in this growing property market.

Seen from a lifestyle point of view alone, Whistler creates the opportunity for a rewarding way of life thanks to multiple avenues for fitness and wellness. It is also perfectly suited for families with great schools and activities, and with its close-knit community, Whistler truly offers an environment of warmth to thrive in!

At faithwilson, we have several opportunities on our books for Whistler resort living, contact our experienced agents today and let’s discuss your goals, needs and what you have in mind to make Whistler part of your property assets. We are entrenched in the Whistler property market and look forward to assisting you and helping you make a smart investment choice that will bring with it an incredible return on investment.