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Vancouver’s Westside: Lifestyle and Luxury Homes

Vancouver’s Westside offers residents easy access to some of the city’s most important landmarks and finest high-end housing options. Experience the hustle and bustle of Granville Island Public Market or take a relaxing walk along Kitsilano Beach. These staples for tourism will also bolster the value of your Westside property.

Despite their central location, many of the neighbourhoods comprising Vancouver’s Westside have a distinctly residential feel. Arbutus Ridge and Shaughnessy have some of the most stately single-family detached homes in the city. If you want something with an urban feel, condos in the False Creek neighbourhood or Kitsilano are also an option.

As you consider living and investing in Vancouver’s Westside, here is a look at the upscale recreation and housing options these neighbourhoods offer.

Kitsilano and False Creek: Major Landmarks

Tourists come from around the world to take in the culture on Granville Island or snap the perfect sunset photo from the seawall in Olympic Village. Both of these attractions, along with many more, belong to the Westside neighbourhood of False Creek.

While these are noteworthy items in tourists’ itineraries, they are also popular weekend plans for Westside residents. Olympic Village offers a growing number of high-end shopping options, such as Renew Gallery, which specializes in antique lighting and decorative art. Meanwhile, a morning stroll along the seawall and kayaking in False Creek have the makings of a perfect weekend.

Nearby, in the Westside neighbourhood of Kitsilano, you will find even more iconic Vancouver destinations. That includes Kitsilano Beach and the saltwater pool alongside it. This facility even holds the record for the longest outdoor swimming pool in North America.

High Quality of Life in Shaughnessy and Kerrisdale

Westside’s more residential neighbourhoods also have a robust list of recreation activities. In the neighbourhood of Kerrisdale, the aptly-named Kerrisdale Village provides a relaxed, outdoor shopping hub for residents. One of its noteworthy shops is Forero’s Bags and Luggage, which frequent flyers based in Kerrisdale greatly appreciate.

Meanwhile, residents of the Shaughnessy neighbourhood will have the enviable honor of being within walking distance of VanDusen Botanical Garden. Here, you can appreciate the tranquility of Livingstone Lake, the Korean Pavilion, and other scenic views. You can also have a laugh while trying to navigate the Elizabethan hedge maze.

Luxury Homes In Vancouver’s Westside

As one would expect, the Westside’s quieter, more residential neighbourhoods have a higher ratio of single-family detached homes. That includes Shaughnessy, a neighbourhood highly regarded for its stately and well-preserved properties. According to the City of Vancouver, 59% of Shaughnessy’s residences have four or more bedrooms.

Designed over a century ago to be an elite neighbourhood for Vancouver’s wealthiest residents, Shaughnessy has only solidified that reputation in the decades since. As of writing, the median price for a single-family home on the market in Shaughnessy is $9.98 million. You can view the latest numbers and learn more about the neighborhood with faithwilson’s guide to Shaughnessy.

Those who appreciate a peaceful, residential atmosphere can also consider Kerrisdale. Like Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale offers mostly single-family detached homes. While some apartments and condos are available in the area, the City of Vancouver lists Kerrisdale as the only neighbourhood to have fewer apartments now than it did ten years ago.

More urban-minded homebuyers will find multi-level and townhouse-style condos in the waterfront neighbourhood of False Creek. A property in this area is ideal for those who want to enjoy the seawall, Olympic Village, Granville Island, and an effortless commute downtown. These benefits come at the expense of single-family detached homes, which are scarce in the area.

Nearby, the Kitsilano neighbourhood has a more eclectic mix of properties. There are still plenty of condos on offer. However, duplexes and even single-family properties, such as bungalows, are also possibilities.

Final Thoughts

The neighbourhoods of Vancouver’s Westside contain multitudes. They provide easy access to natural wonders such as Kitsilano Beach, as well as high-end shopping like in Olympic Village. If that were not enough, this area also boasts some of the most elegantly-planned residential spaces in Vancouver, including the Shaughnessy neighbourhood.

Needless to say, there is a bevy of options in Vancouver’s Westside. Many of these neighbourhoods will offer both a high quality of life and a lucrative investment opportunity for the luxury homebuyer.