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Vancouver Named Top North American City. Again.

Mercer Quality Of Living Survey 2018


As reported by Mercer.com in their 21st annual Quality of Living Survey, giving insight into the finest in modern city living around the globe. Mercer’s “Quality of Living Survey” is used by government embassies and international companies when it comes to the relocation of executives and embassy officials. It assists in deciding what cities could constitute a hardship post. Mercer.com states: “Vancouver – the highest ranking city in North America for the last 10 years.”

  1. Vienna, Austria

  2. Zurich, Switzerland

  3. Vancouver, Canada

  4. Munich, Germany

  5. Auckland, New Zealand

  6. Düsseldorf, Germany

  7. Frankfurt, Germany

  8. Copenhagen, Denmark

  9. Geneva, Switzerland

  10. Basel, Switzerland

North America’s Highest Quality of Living

  • Top-Ranked City Planning
  • Clean Air – Right off the Ocean
  • Mildest Climate in Canada
  • Safe
  • Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual
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