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Thinking of Selling your Home?

thinking of selling your home?

Chances are, if you’ve owned your home a few years, you have built up some equity. That’s nice to know, but there is more to selling your home then simply cashing out on potential equity. In preparing to sell your home, the first and most important step is to develop a clear understanding of why you are selling. Why do you want to sell? Where will you move to? When do you want to start the selling process? Followed by the establishment of your real estate goals.

Once you have established your goals, you will likely start thinking about things like your home’s value, what’s happening in the market, and who you should engage to market and sell your home. You should also start to look at your home with a more objective eye, with respect to what work needs to be done, (if any) to get it in ship-shape condition, with the end goal being to attract the right Buyer and to maximize your home’s value.

This is a great time to start thinking about meeting with and interviewing a few neighbourhood REALTORS®.

Once you have honed in on an agent that is cognisant of your family’s needs and wants and your main selling goals, he/she can facilitate the process of getting your home ready for the market. The agent can help get your home into ship-shape-condition, work with you to establish the appropriate market price, and develop the marketing strategy to sell your home.

This is Step 1 of a 10 Part series. Go to Step 2: Preparing your Home for the Market