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The Beauty of Selling in Each Season

We’ve all heard it said…. “Fall and Winter are not the time to sell! You should wait until the Spring or Summer!” Homes are selling 365 days a year; let’s look beyond this common assumption and take a peek into the beauty of selling in both the colder, fall & winter months, as well as the warmer, spring & summer months; and see how you can use each seasons charms to your advantage.

Fall & Winter

Often regarded to as the “off season” in real estate Fall and Winter prove to be just as viable a selling time as Spring & Summer! Here are 2 points that pack a big punch of power, when selling during the holidays!

Serious Buyers

Snow, rain, the cold, who would want to trek through harsh weather conditions to attend an open house, when they could be snuggled up at home, with some warm java? A buyer that needs to… well….buy! The colder months can make those window shopping, “home buyers” revert back indoors and bring serious prospects needing to find their next home to the surface. You may have less lookers than the warmer months, but it’s just another way to weed out the crowd.


“I want a home that feels practical”…not quite right. “I want a home that feels cold”….probably not. “I want a home that feels cozy”…….There it is! Who doesn’t? There’s no easier time than the Fall and Winter to make your homes atmosphere warm and inviting. Candles, fireplaces, cinnamon scented air; your Full-Service Realtor will know how to create an ambiance that will appeal to the specific buyers your home is suited for and which angles to emphasis; while still being able to have your home feel like your home, during the holidays.

Spring & Summer

Spring and Summer have proven to be a popular time for sellers, but why? Could it be the ideal time for families relocating? Could it fetch you a deal on that home renovation you’ve been putting off? Take a look below as we dive a little deeper into 2 points that could possibly make the warmer months a great time to sell!


Parents looking to enroll their children into a new school come September may find spring and summer as the ideal time to purchase a home. Time off from school can allow the children to explore their new neighbourhood. They may even find interest in joining a local club, to meet new friends, prior to the school year starting. The warmer months are a major convenience to families looking to move. The time off school and subtle weather present them with less challenges than moving any other time of the year. If your looking at doing the same for your family, the timing could be ideal for both parties.


Does your home need a little bit of tlc? Prepare your home for sale at the end of the year! Trade workers aren’t as busy during the holidays. You may be able to get a deal with off season pricing! Since their not as in demand as other times of the year your home may garner more attention than usual, making for a quick completion of your project.

There is no seasonally based “perfect time” to sell your home. It truly comes down to your unique situation and your expectations for selling. Your Full-Service faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate Realtor will be able to help you determine your goals and put together a detailed plan on how to best achieve them, regardless of the time of year.