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Showing and Selling your Home

real-estate-research-300x200In Step 2, Preparing Your Home for the Market, we provided a step-by-step guide to help you prepare a show-ready home that included ensuring the yard is neat and tidy, the front door is freshly scrubbed, all lights are operational, and fix-it items have been attended to. Everything should be clean and shiny!

Now the proof is in the pudding. Walk with your REALTOR® as a potential buyer would, starting at the curb, and through the whole property to ensure that everything is in place and ready for those first buyers and REALTORS® that come through the door. Refer back to our 10 Winning Tips for Home Staging.

You’re almost there, but here are a final few items that will ensure your first showing is a success!

Let there be light:

  • Everyone loves light, so turn them on and make sure all your lights are in working order – make your home bright and cheerful!
  • Open the drapes and blinds – strategically in some cases, depending on the outlook.
  • Make sure that your windows are clean.

A feast for the senses:

  1. Ensure that there are no offensive odors from sources such as cooking, smoking or pets.
  2. Avoid any over-powering air fresheners, candles or cleaning items – opt instead for a very light natural aroma, a clean and fresh scent.
  3. Make your home sound pleasant with the addition of soft background music

Remove your valuables:

Although your REALTOR® will be present at all times when there are buyers and other REALTORS® in your home, it is always best to put away any valuables. This includes any small items of personal value to you as well.

Make sure your home is safe:

Prior to showing your home, ensure that there are no safety hazards. For example, an extension cord or a loose hand rail could present risks to buyers and other REALTORS®.

Remove yourself and your pets:

It is best that you and your pets are not in the home when buyers and REALTORS® are. It can make them feel uncomfortable and can create communication barriers between parties, as people may be “watching what they say” in order to not offend you, the homeowner. This can create missed opportunities.

At faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate, we love all types of animals. Unfortunately, some people may be allergic, while some may even be afraid or intimidated. Pets can also be distracting – instead of creating a good relationship with the Buyer and their REALTOR®, the focus might be on “where the cat is” because she isn’t supposed to go outside. Be sure to have off-site arrangements for your pets during showings and open houses.

Lock Boxes – Why We Don’t Use Them

A quick note about Lock Boxes – we don’t use them. Here’s why:

A lock box is essentially a secure key box that allows a Buyer’s REALTOR® to access your key and enter your home without the seller’s REALTOR® being present. Although this is common practice in the industry, we do not recommend lock boxes be used under any circumstances. The Buyer’s REALTOR® has never entered your home before, and they certainly don’t know the nuances and details of your home. This also creates a security risk, as you can’t be sure that the Buyer’s REALTOR® will secure your home after the showing is complete. At faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate, we are always there to show and sell. Following the showing, we ensure that the home is safe and secure, just the way you left it.

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