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Purchasing a Home is a Process Not an Event

Let’s take a quick glance at the process and dive into how your trusted faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate Agent takes you through the process step by step:

  1. Learn what you can afford
    Why rule out completely viable options or waste time looking at homes that are simply infeasible? A Full-Service Realtor can get you started on the right path, by connecting you with reliable mortgage service options. Pre-approvals bring a sense of realism to your home search and position you as a stronger buyer.
  2. Get educated on the market
    Over 50 filters are used on our specialized criteria form to drill down and establish your list of needs & wants. After determining what you’re looking for your agent will work to get you familiar with the current market in the neighbourhoods of interest.
  3. Find the right home
    With all things considered your Full-Service Agent will work in your best interest to find homes that match your criteria, arrange viewings, as well as explain and submit offers.
  4. Do your due-diligence
    Once you have an accepted offer things really start to roll. From subject removal to completion your Full-Service Realtor will supply you with the resources and professional advice needed to bring your process full circle.
  5. Move in
    We stay by your side even after you become a homeowner; with our Buyers Peace of Mind Guarantee! If within the first 18 Months you find your purchase does not fit your needs we will sell it for free!