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Pound the Pavement! – Buying a Home Step 4

Most of us will not buy a home we haven’t seen, so viewing homes is an important part of the buying process. Did you know: Buyers make their home buying decision within the first few seconds of walking through the front door? Why is that? Because we need to engage with the property before we buy it – it has to feel right and when that happens, we get excited! Then logic kicks in and we pull out our must-have list: does it have enough bedrooms, bathrooms, space, amenities, parking, can we walk the kids to school, or? Once we have found a dream home we make decisions on what we can compromise on, if it doesn’t have everything on our list, because we love it. And, if this home fits the must- haves, we will probably consider putting an offer on it. Viewing homes also gives the buyer an opportunity to understand value in the price point, in neighbourhood and property style they are looking for. I always say that Buyers are the best informed in a particular segment of the market for these reasons. So viewing homes, educates you in value, and, when the right home comes along you will feel confident about your purchase price. That being said, your realtor is always at your side as your trusted advisor, your advocate, and confidante as you move through the buying process. When viewing homes, they will be educating on what to look for and point out things either pro or con that may affect your buying decision. They will also provide you with current market comparables, so you are able to make an informed decision about value and what you want to pay for your dream home. When it comes time to put pen to paper you want your realtor to know you, what your goal is and how to get you there. You also want a realtor who has the confidence to. So now that you have found perfection, what next?   > Go to Step 5