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Passionate art enthusiast brings her keen eye for detail to luxury property clients

Whether you are looking at buying or selling property in Vancouver, having the right real estate agent in your corner can bring success and help you achieve incredible property goals that can make each investment result in an incredible return on investment.

In continuation of our series of interviews, we are featuring another of faithwilson’s agents who is always ready to assist luxury-minded homebuyers and sellers like you.

Coming from a real estate background infused with a love for art, architecture and history, Vivien Zhang brings a keen eye for detail in her approach. She looks beyond just the basics of a property, taking careful stock of every element that brings together everything that makes a house a home.

Having started her real estate career in Shanghai in 2005, Vivien was the founder of a boutique agency, featuring Shanghai heritage homes. Since then, she has helped thousands of clients settle into their new homes. Today, she shares her inspiration for real estate and what it means to live and work in Vancouver.

What do you love the most about working in Vancouver – what makes this area stand out from the rest?

Life is simple and happy here. Vancouver was my first home when I moved to Canada, and I find it such a family-friendly city to live in, in terms of parks nearby and always so much to do with kids.

After my career picked up, I move to South Surrey and I love it. Surrey has so much potential and opportunity for young families. It is growing at an unbelievable speed and I enjoy its fast pacing.

What made you decide to pursue a career in real estate?

I had a dream of owning my own house when I was 12 years old. Now, I want to help other people to achieve their goals too. It feels wonderful when you come closer and close to your goal.

How has your passion for art, history and architecture influenced the way you assess real estate? What are the key aspects that you look for in a property that will make it stand out from others?

I like both new and old properties and I find them charming in very different ways. I am a very “vintage” person and I see beauty regardless of its age. I think a good layout/space/view is very important for a property. I have a good imagination when it comes to properties, I know it can be better for what it is today. I always suggest my client to look beyond.

As a parent, what do you believe are the key hallmarks that a family home should have, and what should families look for when they are looking for luxury properties?

Certain families have certain lifestyles, and they don’t change, no matter where they move to. A client’s old home in Ontario can be very similar to his/her new home in Vancouver. Know your clients well and their lifestyle and it will help a lot in finding them a new home. Especially in the luxurious detached home market, you always check enough inventories on the market before you make up your mind. You can really see the quality difference when you take a close look. Details matter a lot in the luxurious market. The more you care, the most likely you will close a deal.

What are the deal-breakers when it comes to a luxury property – what should clients look out for and expect?

I always advise looking at aspects such as Fengshui in a home’s layout, and the neighbourhood where it is situated. School catchment is also a very important aspect for my clients.

How has being part of faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate shaped your career even further in real estate?

Faith helped me a lot in terms of marketing and especially setting up a website. I don’t need to worry about it at all! Her team is great at supporting me and is always there for me if I need anything. I am still in the local market and I am aiming for more international exposure in the near future.

In your downtime, how do you make the most of living in Vancouver? Which spots would you recommend that people frequent and what are some of your favourites?

I love drawing with my two daughters, and I am always surprised by their imagination. My daughter said she wanted to become an artist so she can help me decorate all my listings with her paintings. I told her I am waiting for the day!

Spending time at the seawall area and English bay is another of my favorite activities. Sitting there for the late afternoon, watching a sunset is one of the most romantic things with your partner. Please make sure you are dressed warm enough if you also want to experience it!

What advice would you give to someone who loves real estate and would love to get into the luxury market?

You need practice, patience, and professionalism.

Don’t aim for the luxury market to start with, it will come to you when you are ready.

To get in touch with Vivien, use the following contact details:

C 604.445.7188
T 604.224.5277
[email protected]

Also, be sure to visit her personal website: vivienzhang.ca