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Quilchena, Vancouver Westside | Neighbourhood Profile

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Outstanding Quality of Living.

Quilchena offers an interesting mix of single and multi-family dwellings appealing to the young and the old alike. The amenities, the recreation facilities, the close proximity to the downtown core as well as the UBC area, make this a most desirable yet peaceful and quiet neighbourhood. All factors contribute to an outstanding quality of living.


Encompassed in the immediate area of Quilchena are many of education options. Quilchena Elementary lies in the southern portion of the neighbourhood while Prince of Wales Secondary in the north and Point Grey Secondary just outside the southern border offer all levels of education. Also in close proximity are the private school offerings of York House, Vancouver College and Little Flower Academy.


The northern boundary of Quilchena is the wide boulevard of King Edward Avenue with Larch and Puget Drive to the west and Marguerite/Cypress Street bordering on Shaughnessy establishing the east limits. West 37th anchors the southern border.

Quilchena was originally a part of the natural low lying marsh of the 1900s. In the 40s and 50s, sand was brought in from False Creek and the low acres began to fill in with homes and development. A good portion of Quilchena still encompasses park land.


Quilchena is an eclectic mix of older single-family dwellings, low-rise condos, townhouses, as well as low rise rental units. The beautiful Quilchena Park is an anchor of this neighbourhood and housing has grown around it. Quilchena is also made up of three distinct “mini-neighbourhoods” within a neighbourhood. Each area has its own distinctive housing offerings.

One of these “mini-neighbourhoods” borders on Shaughnessy. Because this area of Quilchena literally cuts through Shaughnessy, the elegance and feel of the larger estate homes has spilled over and is very much reflected in the premium homes that have been built in this area.

The second is centred around the past and future redevelopment of the Arbutus Shopping Centre. In the late 1960s, major development occurred in this area when Arbutus Village was built. The area behind the Arbutus Shopping Centre is all multi-family, mid and low-rise housing. This area is attractive to older residents of Quilchena who may have downsized but do not want to leave the area. There are a number of strata-titled townhomes as well as mid-size and high-rise complexes that are attracting the young urban professional who is seeking a quieter lifestyle that is still within an easy proximity to downtown and UBC. The Community Centre in this area is of a superior nature and offers many services and facilities to the young and old alike.

The third distinct “mini-neighbourhood” is around the Prince of Wales Secondary School. The single-family detached home lots range from large to smaller, with most being flatter and more regular in shape. There are also some impressive mountain and water views available in this area.

The mixture of this type of housing appeals to not only the single families but also seniors and young people. All the housing seems to have one thing in common and that is the attention that has been paid to preserve the green space, tree-lined, architectural heritage feel to the area as a whole. The majority of the housing in this area was developed during the period 1961-1980 although many of the older original homes still remain and can be seen along the 33rd Avenue corridor to Marguerite/Cypress Street.

home to the prestigious private recreational facility, the Arbutus Club


Quilchena has always been anchored by the magnificent area known as Quilchena Park. The park was originally 40 acres in size and owned by CPR who leased it to the original Quilchena Golf Club. In 1956, this lease expired and the Park Board purchased the eastern area of the park while the western portion became Prince of Wales Secondary School. Development began in 1956 to transform the multi-hectare area into a luscious tableau of rolling lawns offering baseball diamonds, soccer fields, walking and jogging paths as well as a full skateboard park, all surrounded by large majestic poplars. Quilchena is also home to the prestigious private recreational facility, the Arbutus Club. A lot of seniors have chosen Quilchena as their place of residence not only for the superior location but also for the plethora of services that are accessible close to home.

Shopping and Restaurants

The Arbutus Village is the core of community shopping in the area. Offering everything from major grocery stores to a liquor store and full amenity outlets, Arbutus Village is “one stop” shopping. Tucked into a little strip mall just down from Arbutus Village, you can find “Finest At Sea”. This shop offers 100% wild, non-farmed, BC seafood. Its reputation for quality and variety has made it a destination shopping location for people from all over the lower mainland.

The more upscale, smaller neighbourhood shops of West 41st Avenue in Kerrisdale, just to the south of Quilchena, offers even more shopping opportunities. Restaurants are plentiful in the area or within a 10 minute drive, and they offer a tasteful variety of different sensations and price points.


Quilchena only has one major artery and that is Arbutus Street. This north-south connector enables residents of the area to have easy access to all of the Lower Mainland including downtown, the airport and to the major highway network. Public transportation is excellent with good accessible routing and reasonable frequency.

Quilchena Active Listings Summary | as of December 2, 2021

The table shown below is a current snapshot of all the active listings in Quilchena, segmented by residential property types. The second column is a calculation of the current median asking price, while the third column is the summed total of all active listings for the related property type. Please note that this table is updated every 24 hours.

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Quilchena MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices | November, 2021

The MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices shown below represent the current expected sales price for a typical or “Benchmark” home in a given neighbourhood.

The MLS® HPI takes into consideration what averages and medians do not – items such as lot size, age, number of rooms, etc. The most commonly traded set of these attributes describes the composite of the typical or ‘benchmark’ property type in a given area. Prices paid for homes with these attributes determine benchmark home prices.

Quilchena Current Benchmark Price: $3,838,200

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Quilchena Current Benchmark Price: $1,131,900

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Quilchena Current Benchmark Price: $3,601,800

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Quilchena Current Benchmark Price: $1,663,800

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

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