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Oakridge, Vancouver Westside | Neighbourhood Profile

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A multicultural residential and commercial enclave.

In the heart of Vancouver, Oakridge boasts the perfect blend of tree-lined streets, multi-use dwellings and functional shopping areas.


Oakridge is well served by educational institutions. Van Horne Elementary and Jamieson Elementary are within walking distance of most areas of Oakridge. Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School offers the facilities for the older children in the family. Private schools within the immediate area include King David High School and Vancouver College. Langara College at 49th and Cambie brings lots of people traffic for those seeking a post-secondary education.


Oakridge is a small, square oasis in the heart of the Vancouver area. Bordered to the north by West 41st Avenue and to the south by West 49th Avenue, the east and west boundaries of Ontario and Oak Street define the uniqueness of this area.

Housing & History

Oakridge was one of the last areas of the city left in its natural state before being opened up for development. Except for the Langara Golf Course, built in 1926, and some hospitals and boarding schools erected before World War II, most of the structures did not exist until after WWII.

Many single-family homes were built but in 1959. Subsequently, the Oakridge Shopping Centre at the corner of 41st and Oak was constructed and nearby home construction boomed. The Oakridge Shopping Centre has become the hub for residential growth.

Because of the relative “newness” of Oakridge, it remains one of Vancouver’s least historic neighbourhoods. The area is characterized by mainly bungalow style homes built between the 1950s and 1960s. In recent years these bungalows have been torn down or renovated with new multi-story residences taking their place on the spacious city lots. There are also numerous multilevel, multifamily home choices available as well.

Within the Oakridge perimeters, there also are many assisted-living structures and facilities that cater to a growing senior population.

…complete with its perimeter walking, jogging and dog walking trails, Oakridge is not short of accessible green space


With the close proximity of the Langara Golf Course, complete with its perimeter walking, jogging and dog walking trails, Oakridge is not short of accessible green space. Complementing the Golf Course area are the other green spaces areas of Columbia Park and Tisdall Park. The nearby YMCA and Community Centre add to the myriad of recreational facilities available.


Oakridge Shopping Centre represents the hub of the shopping and amenities available to the residents of Oakridge. Several large chain stores including Safeway and the Bay anchor this shopping Mecca. The balance of the shopping is of the high-end variety and reflects the multicultural and middle-class affluence of the area. The Centre offers entertainment in the form of movie theatres, an auditorium and various restaurant outlets. Medical offices and pharmacies are plentiful in the Oakridge Centre Towers. Smaller strip malls anchor the other three corners of this shopping hub and include one of the largest specialty Liquor Stores in Metro Vancouver.


Public transportation to this neighbourhood is superior and frequent. The main north/south arteries of Oak and Cambie combined with the wide, easily travelled boulevards of West 41st and West 49th make this area one of the most accessible in the city. It is a short drive (or bus) to UBC and Richmond with easy access to the downtown core.

The Canada Line has stations at 41st Avenue and Cambie, and at 49th Avenue and Cambie (Langara station). This has brought new access and vitality to Oakridge, and promises significant development in the future.

Oakridge Active Listings Summary | as of December 2, 2021

The table shown below is a current snapshot of all the active listings in Oakridge, segmented by residential property types. The second column is a calculation of the current median asking price, while the third column is the summed total of all active listings for the related property type. Please note that this table is updated every 24 hours.

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Oakridge MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices | November, 2021

The MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices shown below represent the current expected sales price for a typical or “Benchmark” home in a given neighbourhood.

The MLS® HPI takes into consideration what averages and medians do not – items such as lot size, age, number of rooms, etc. The most commonly traded set of these attributes describes the composite of the typical or ‘benchmark’ property type in a given area. Prices paid for homes with these attributes determine benchmark home prices.

Oakridge Current Benchmark Price: $4,109,200

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Oakridge Current Benchmark Price: $1,046,400

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Oakridge Current Benchmark Price: $3,659,000

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Oakridge Current Benchmark Price: $1,686,500

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

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