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Hastings Sunrise, Vancouver Eastside | Neighbourhood Profile

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Proud Residents. Passionate Community.

Pride of ownership and pride in the residents’ sense of community is prevalent throughout this Eastside neighbourhood – hence, the locals’ tendency to refer to the neighbourhood as the “East Village”.


The working-class family and soon-to-be family nature of the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood supports the requirement for a variety of education opportunities. The teenage family members have the opportunity to attend Templeton Secondary, which over the years has become well known for its impressive TV and video production education, as well as its drama department. This is an historic school that adjoins the wonderful Templeton Park and Pool.

Elementary school offerings are also plentiful within the neighbourhood. These include Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Hastings Elementary and Tillicum Annex. All are within an easy commute from anywhere in Hastings Sunrise. Both the West Coast Christian School and Notre Dame Regional Secondary offer an independent alternative to Hastings Sunrise families.


Hastings Sunrise is a large neighbourhood that encompasses the most northeastern portion of Vancouver. It features a significant area of working waterfront and is home to several well-known Vancouver institutions, such as the Pacific National Exhibition and Hastings Racetrack. The western boundary is marked by the length of Nanaimo Street stretching from the northern waterfront down to the southern boundary of Hastings Street. The southern border of East Hastings Street then runs east to the Vancouver/Burnaby city border of Boundary Street, before finally heading north to the waterfront.

…unique character, amenities and old-world atmosphere

Housing and History

Hastings Sunrise is made up of mostly single-family detached homes, mixed in with multi-family units. These multi-family units range from low-rise and mid-rise buildings along the major corridors, to newly constructed loft and work/live buildings, to the larger heritage home conversions. Recently, there has been an influx of young professionals, members of the artistic community, and new immigrants from China and Southeast Asia. The cultural diversity of the area gives it a life and vibrancy.


If Hastings Sunrise’s character is defined by its proud multicultural residents, then its image is largely determined by two major recreational areas. The first is the working waterfront along Wall Street and Commissioner that offers a myriad of parks, scenic walks, superior bike paths and outdoor facilities mixing with silos, railway tracks and freighters. New Brighton Park is the jewel of the Hastings Sunrise waterfront and boasts a beautiful swimming pool right at water’s edge that caters to families and singles alike.

The second is the massive area that encompasses Hastings Park and the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) is the hub of recreation for the neighbourhood. The Forum and the Agridome host concerts, the Vancouver Giants hockey team, equestrian events and speaker series throughout the year. In the summer, the area is humming with the Playland Amusement Park and Hastings Park Racecourse in full swing. The summer tradition of the PNE is a shining event that brings life to this beautiful parcel of land. It continues to bring residents together via a volunteer-based association that is not only dedicated to the restoration of Hastings Park’s green spaces, but also serves as the main contact for the Hastings Park Conservancy. This active Association typifies how fervent and proud the residents are.

The Hastings Sunrise Community Centre rounds off the recreational opportunities and serves all ages with recreational programs, a fitness centre, racquetball courts, gymnasium, family enrichment centre and a number of multi-purpose rooms.

Shopping and Restaurants

The pride of the immigrant population has given rise to a rebranding campaign to not only educate other lower mainlanders in the heritage of the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood, but also to attract new visitors to the area by showcasing its unique character, amenities and old-world atmosphere. “East Village” is the catch phrase that residents hope will give new life to their distinctive shopping area. This vintage yet progressive attitude offers traditional retail shops that are still operating as a reflection of their owners’ heritage, be they Italian, Chinese, eastern European or south Asian. Superior ethnic eating establishments are plentiful. A stroll through the “East Village” can transport you to countries a world away.


Hastings Street, which grounds the whole neighbourhood, is a major arterial route linking commuters to the east and west of Vancouver. The route gives Hastings Sunrise residents quick and easy access to Downtown, west to UBC, and east to Burnaby. Combined with the north/south arterial road of Renfrew Street, travellers can easily make a commute to the North Shore or to South Vancouver. The TransCanada Highway, via the Cassiar Connector, cuts right through Hastings Sunrise on its eastern edge. This is a boon for anyone travelling to the North Shore and beyond, or east into the more outlying suburban communities of the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. The Kootenay Loop is located near the eastern-most edge of Hastings Sunrise and is a major public transit exchange offering routes to Vancouver Eastside, Downtown, Burnaby, North Vancouver, and the Tri-Cities. It is the major transit hub for Vancouver’s Eastside.

Hastings Sunrise Active Listings Summary | as of October 23, 2021

The table shown below is a current snapshot of all the active listings in Hastings Sunrise, segmented by residential property types. The second column is a calculation of the current median asking price, while the third column is the summed total of all active listings for the related property type. Please note that this table is updated every 24 hours.

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Hastings Sunrise MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices | September, 2021

The MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices shown below represent the current expected sales price for a typical or “Benchmark” home in a given neighbourhood.

The MLS® HPI takes into consideration what averages and medians do not – items such as lot size, age, number of rooms, etc. The most commonly traded set of these attributes describes the composite of the typical or ‘benchmark’ property type in a given area. Prices paid for homes with these attributes determine benchmark home prices.

Hastings Sunrise Current Benchmark Price: $1,551,800

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Hastings Sunrise Current Benchmark Price: $1,755,300

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Hastings Sunrise Current Benchmark Price: $497,000

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Hastings Sunrise Current Benchmark Price: $1,673,000

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

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