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Boundary Beach, Tsawwassen | Neighbourhood Profile

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Natural beauty abounds in this beachcomber paradise.

Lovely & secluded south of the Fraser River, the beautiful Boundary Beach neighbourhood in Tsawwassen in the City of Delta is located with 12th Avenue to the north, Boundary Bay and its Regional Park to the east, Corbould Road and the US Border at Point Roberts in the south and ALR farm land and the coming new Southlands neighbourhood to the west. Today the Boundary Beach neighbourhood has transformed from a 1950s waterfront cottage escape to a highly sought after neighbourhood in Tsawwassen. Housing is composed of a large majority of single family homes including renovated luxury ranchers, west coast style family homes and a selection of triplex townhomes at the deluxe Monterra development. Adjacent to Boundary Beach, construction has begun on a new urbanism project called Southlands, that will feature a farmers’ market and a combination of single family homes, townhouses & row houses. Surrounded by some of the finest farm land in all of Canada, Boundary Beach and its Tsawwassen environs is a traditional Caucasian and European enclave of greater Vancouver.

…famous for big tides, family picnics and walking trails.

Minutes away from the Boundary Beach neighbourhood, Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall along 56th Street is an excellent shopping destination with boutiques, grocery stores and many smaller shops, services & restaurants. The main thoroughfare along 56th Street also serves as the main retail artery in Tsawwassen. Just a bit further on, along Highway 17 are two of the Lower Mainlands newest shopping destinations: Tsawwassen Mills and Tsawwassen Commons – more than 1.2 million square feet of exciting retail on Tsawwasssen First Nation land. Anchor tenants include Walmart, Rona & Bass Pro Sports. With sandy beaches and significantly more sunshine that Vancouver or the North Shore, Centential Beach at Boundary Bay Regional Park is famous for big tides, family picnics and walking trails. A bird-watchers paradise, the park is an important stop for birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway, especially for sandpiper and dunlin species. The park is ideal for dog walking or watching sunsets. Just a mid iron away, golfers love the challenge of the local Beach Grove Golf Club, an 18 hole championship course. Boundary Beach has easy access to 4 public elementary schools in Tsawwassen and French Immersion at South Park Elementary, all part of the Delta School District. The closest high school is South Delta Secondary School. Private schools close by include the prestigious Southpointe Academy, a non-denominational institution with grades from K to 12. With access to rail, water and major highways in all directions, transportation to Boundary each in Tsawwassen is a breeze, just 30 minutes from the city and 25 minutes from YVR. In addition, residents enjoy a community shuttle bus and Coast Mountain Bus Service with links to Ladner, Richmond and the City of Vancouver.

Boundary Beach Active Listings Summary | as of December 2, 2021

The table shown below is a current snapshot of all the active listings in Boundary Beach, segmented by residential property types. The second column is a calculation of the current median asking price, while the third column is the summed total of all active listings for the related property type. Please note that this table is updated every 24 hours.

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Boundary Beach MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices | November, 2021

The MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices shown below represent the current expected sales price for a typical or “Benchmark” home in a given neighbourhood.

The MLS® HPI takes into consideration what averages and medians do not – items such as lot size, age, number of rooms, etc. The most commonly traded set of these attributes describes the composite of the typical or ‘benchmark’ property type in a given area. Prices paid for homes with these attributes determine benchmark home prices.

Boundary Beach Current Benchmark Price: $1,315,600

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Boundary Beach Current Benchmark Price: $1,502,700

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

Boundary Beach Current Benchmark Price: $1,399,100

Historical Benchmark Price Changes

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