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Different Types of Showings

Real estateThe curtains open and the show is on!

There are generally three types of showings that occur during the selling process:

1. Agents Opens This is how we start the buzz! An Agents Open is an important part of the selling process and an effective way to get REALTORS® in the door to preview the property for their active and potential Buyers. This is also a time that Buyers and neighbours may want to pop by to see your home and an opportunity for your REALTOR® to source out potential leads.

2.   Open Houses Open Houses are a great way to engage your neighbourhood, your community and local buyers. It will get the chatter going about your home. The oxymoron is that statistics actually show that very few people that come through an open house are ready, willing and able to buy. So what is the purpose? Market awareness is the key benefit of the open house – it will get the attention of REALTORS® and buyers alike who have already seen the other homes in your neighbourhood that just didn’t work and are waiting for the next home that suits their needs – it could be yours. Also, if a Buyer’s agent can’t make it to the showing, it’s not a problem, as the buyer and his/her family can come on their own. And of course, it allows your curious neighbours to come and “have a look”. They likely won’t be the buyer, but they may know someone who wants to get into the neighbourhood. It’s all part of the home selling process.

3.   Set Showings These are the crème de la crème of showings. That is because either the Buyer’s agent or the listing agent has had a conversation with the buyer beforehand and gathered some valuable information with regards to the buyer and your home. This information could relate to financial aspects, like whether or not the Buyer is pre-approved for a mortgage. Maybe we’ll find out that the entire family is coming to view the home, or why the Buyer has a specific interest in your home and your neighbourhood, and how they found your home in the first place. The result is an informed and prepared opportunity to show your home in its best light via a wonderful and professional showing. There is a nuance to the showing of a home that should never be under-estimated. A good showing agent knows when to it is time to verbally add value to the showing and when to stay silent. At faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate, we employ a team of Showing Specialists that know your home inside and out, and are adept at interacting with interested Buyers and their agents.

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