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Buy a Home Buy a Lifestyle

It has been said that when you purchase a home you also select a lifestyle. With so much diversity in BC it’s safe to say no 2 locations are exactly alike.

Have a health conscious active lifestyle? Kitsilano may hit the mark? Love a beautiful evening stroll, along a street lined with historic homes and close proximity to all your essentials without the hustle and bustle? A home in Queens Park just might be what you’re looking for.

When determining your buying criteria it pays to look beyond your desired square footage and ideal number of bedrooms.

A number of important factors can be placed into 2 main categories; community and convenience. Our 7 point lifestyle checklist breaks down the specifics behind these 2 factors, to help ensure you make a well rounded and informed decision.



Many areas in BC are rich with culture. Your Full-Service Realtor can give you a sneak peek into an extensive overview of the feel and vibe of different areas.

Here’s a couple examples-

Richmond embraces the Asian culture full force. Exceptional restaurants boosts the best in asian cuisine, and the excitement is in the air as everyone is welcome to take part in all the traditional Chinese celebrations throughout the year. Thinking of making Chinese for dinner? There’s sure to be a grocery store close by carrying all the ingredients you’ll need.

The pride in Davie Village is apparent, with brightly decorated streets. Thriving restaurants and local businesses are located right at your doorstep. With a strong gay-subculture Davie residents are welcoming, friendly and outgoing. If you love being social? This might be the place for you.


If schools are important you may want to search for a list of school rankings in BC. Keep in mind most schools have a catchment area. If you are set on a certain school you’ll want to ask your Full-Service Agent to stay within the school’s designated area. Decide if it’s necessary to live within walking distance from the school you have selected or if a reasonable commute is realistic for your given situation.


Easter, Block Parties, Breakfast with Santa; some tightly knit neighbourhoods come together regularly to celebrate and socialize. It’s a great way to build relationships within your community and lots of fun for the whole family. Events can range from weekly on-goings to larger scale events. If you want to be an active member within the community you’re planning to move to get a sense of the happenings in your preferred location. Most community centers will have a list of calendar events.


Everyone knows what it takes to keep them motivated. Do you love the atmosphere at the gym or are you more inspired running through a scenic neighbourhood? Do you enjoy attending yoga or pilates? Select an area that helps you stay, or get motivated. Certain locations such as Kitsilano, South Surrey and Richmond put extra emphasis on a health conscious lifestyle. Specialty stores, local farm grown produce and healthy restaurants can be found easily. In some areas it is apparent that on foot travel or riding a bicycle is the preferred choice of transportation, among residents.




Consider the locations that work for you. Are they realistic? How long will your commute be? Does the cost of moving closer to your ideal location add up to the same or more than transportation through the years if you move to an area slightly less expensive.



Do you regularly dine out?

Would you prefer to have restaurants just a hop and a skip away?

Your Agent can seek out areas with a wonderful commercial and residential mix such as Yaletown.

Do you enjoy hobbies such as reading or gardening? It may not necessarily be a must have on your criteria list but it can make your location even more enjoyable. If you’ve got a green thumb but are looking to move into an area without a garden you may want to check if your preferred neighbourhoods maintain a community garden you can partake in. Perhaps a book club is more your style. Your area may have a book club which rotates meeting venues weekly, allowing each member to host at their home. Typically to keep the club convenient and regular members are located within close proximity.



Do you need all your essential stops to be close by or will you depend heavily on your car? Establish where your most frequented areas are. Is it easily accessible and how close would you like to be? Easy considerations will prevent regular and frequent commutes from becoming inconvenient or tiresome after a while.

Now that you have a list of considerations to take, separate your must haves with your would likes. Use this information in conjunction with the Home Buying Criteria Form you will review with your trusted faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate Full Service Realtor.