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Burnaby is a diverse and vibrant city bordering the eastern edge of Vancouver. With a history of agriculture, industry, suburban communities and metro centres Burnaby is filled with a wide variety of desirable and thriving areas to live and work.

Bisected by lowlands featuring a salmon-bearing stream, parks, trail systems and Burnaby Lake, the city hosts three major urban centres, numerous town centres, Simon Fraser University and BCIT.

Transportation is served by two Skytrain lines and also Highway 1, Lougheed Highway, Kingsway and Hastings Street, providing quick access to destinations throughout the Lower Mainland and points beyond.

As British Columbia’s third largest city, this former bedroom community residing in Vancouver’s shadow has grown vigorously in recent years, becoming one of most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. Burnaby’s urban centres at Metrotown, Brentwood and Lougheed Town Centre are all undergoing significant development, adding tens of thousands of homes to the city and additional shops, services and amenities. Throughout the city, it is quite common to find well-maintained post-war homes and redeveloped modern homes side-by-side, testimony to residents’ desire to live their entire lives in the city. Enclaves abound, from quite tree-lined streets to planned townhouse developments, and many hidden gems reveal themselves as you travel through the city’s neighbourhoods. Many areas in Burnaby offer spectacular views, whether across the cityscape, the ocean and mountains or the Fraser River and points south. Along with excellent public and private schools, there are plentiful destination sports and recreational facilities such as the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex and area which offers venues for rugby, swimming, archery, soccer, ice skating and hockey, cricket, field hockey, field lacrosse and rowing. Swangard Stadium, Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, Central Park and Burnaby Lake Regional Park all attract spectators, participants and enthusiasts from across the city and around the Lower Mainland.

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