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7 Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your New Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which involves organizing someone’s surroundings, with the aim of harmonizing supernatural energies that relate to love, health, luck and prosperity. Recently Feng Shui has grown in popularity here in the Western world, particularly in the aspects relating to interior design.

Use these simple tips to find a balanced home which promotes a positive chi (the life-giving force of the universe).

  1. Create a grand entry,
    this is believed to welcome positive chi and prosperity into your home. If your purchasing a smaller space make your entryway feel welcoming and grand in appeal. Hang pictures to your liking, quotes or add a little charm with a pop of color to your front door.
  2. Be sure to fix any leaks around the house prior to moving in.
    It’s said that a leak in your home can be a symbol of your luck dripping away.
  3. The feeling of stagnant energy in the home may be due to the owners current furniture.
    Once you rearrange the furniture or add your own you’ll allow the stale energy to flow throughout the house.
  4. Encourage luck and prosperity
    by adding a small aquarium or a small fountain in the lobby.
  5. Once you move in remember to keep the toilet lid closed at all times;
    By doing so you ensure you don’t flush away prosperity.
  6. You may still be waiting on furniture to arrive
    but try to avoid temporarily hiding those miscellaneous, yet to be sorted items beneath your bed; as negative energy may start accumulating, while you sleep.
  7. Hang a mirror in your dining room.
    By doing so you mirror the happiness, as your guests enjoy their meals in your home.
  8. Want to take it a step further? Ask your Full-Service Realtor for a recommendation to a Feng Shui Specialist. They can advise you on possible arrangement ideas and help you achieve the optimal level of chi in your new home.