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57 Things the faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate Does for you!

Here’s what you can expect from a faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate REALTOR® – we will: Listen to you.

  1. Discuss and ascertain your objectives and goals
  2. Answer all questions posed by you
  3. Ask you pertinent questions
  4. View your home in detail and prepare a professional
  5. “Competitive Market Analysis”
  6. Provide and explain the “Working with a REALTOR®” brochure
  7. Provide an overview of recent and current market conditions and trends
  8. Recommend a specific pricing strategy for your home based on both qualitative and quantitative data
  9. Create a customized marketing plan for your home, in order to target the most qualified Buyers
  10. Explain the fee for services and the split between the listing and selling brokers
  11. Estimate the net proceeds that will result from the sale of your home
  12. Remit FINTRAC – Canada’s money laundering reporting requirements
  13. Prepare authorization document (listing agreement) that authorizes faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate to sell your home
  14. Prepare and explain the Seller’s disclosure statement
  15. Review the importance of security with regards to home keys, private showings and public open houses
  16. Review the pros and cons of using lock boxes. faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate REALTORS® never use lock boxes as we believe is detrimental to the selling process
  17. Review all aspects of the property – for example: mechanical and/or material latent defects such as oil tanks, knob and tube wiring, tenancy agreements, etc.
  18. Apprise Seller of oil tank responsibility and offer recommendations
  19. Apprise Seller of wiring alerts, such as knob and tube wiring
  20. Review the title search for your home and alert you to any potential issues
  21. Review the entire property and provide expertise on how to maximize the value from the Buyer perspective (Outdoor, Exterior and Interior)
  22. Create a to-do-list to get your home show-ready
  23. If desired, facilitate the completion of all to-do items, by coordinating with a bevy of proven service providers on your behalf
  24. Create an accurate floor plan of your home by a bonded professional
  25. Have a professional photographer create a beautiful, thoughtful and comprehensive montage of your home, plus a high-definition video if applicable
  26. Share your home via our unique social media strategy which includes channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more
  27. Develop advertising copy to be used for your home’s online profile, for feature sheets and brochures, for print advertising and in other channels, as required
  28. Install a professional For Sale sign on your property, as authorized by you. This will be done simultaneously with your property “going live” on the Multiple Listing Service.
  29. Compile all marketing materials (copy, photography, video, floor plans, etc) to create a powerful and engaging online profile of your home on the faithwilson | Christie’s International Real Estate website.
  30. Distribute your home’s profile to trusted third-party real estate websites
  31. Translate all English copy to Chinese for use on the Chinese version of our desktop and mobile websites, as well as in other channels such as Chinese newspapers and magazines
  32. Submit the Property to the Multiple Listing Service and manage the details in real-time
  33. Send email blasts to a select group of top-performing REALTORS®, to inform them of your home
  34. Host open houses for other real estate agents (Agents Opens)
  35. Expose your home by directly contacting real estate agents with qualified Buyers
  36. Respond to real estate agent questions about the property
  37. Respond to Buyer questions about the property
  38. Host public open houses with a licensed REALTOR® on-site at all times and a guest registry
  39. Host private showings by appointment. Every showing will be guided by one of our professional showing specialists
  40. Follow-up with all potential Buyers and Buyer’s agents after every opportunity, including open houses, agents opens and private showings
  41. Provide relevant and timely feedback to you, the Seller, after every event that occurs at, or in relation to – your home
  42. Provide regular neighbourhood market updates and reports to you
  43. Provide regular Vancouver real estate market updates and reports to you
  44. Keep you apprised of mortgage trends and advise you of any impactful items
  45. Provide guidance and recommended actions for any offer that is presented
  46. Negotiate and write offers and counter-offers, as necessary
  47. Ensure a legally enforceable contract
  48. Work through the subject period of a contract
  49. Attend the property inspection
  50. Provide assistance to the Buyer and/or Buyer’s Agent where necessary for financing
  51. Ensure any and all deposit cheques have been received and placed in a trust account
  52. Assist you, the Seller, in finding and moving to a new residence
  53. Assist you, the Seller, in transferring utilities to the home Buyer
  54. Deliver all conveyance documents to the Seller’s lawyer or notary
  55. Provide you, the Seller, with a list of key items and ‘to-dos’, in order to pass your home on to the new owner
  56. Provide the keys to the home Buyer
  57. Do what it takes to help you reach your goal!
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